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About Me

My  Credentials


Certified Canine Enrichment Technician (CET)

The DogNostics Canine Enrichment Program was developed to effectively help me assess, implement and guide you, the pet parent on how to provide a stimulating life environment for your dog that offers ample opportunities for your pet to engage in natural behaviors. Pets that have good mental health will engage with their environment more, be less aggressive, less fearful and are more peaceful, exploratory and at ease with their surroundings. Happy dog - happy, owner!

Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) is the only independent, standardized certification for dog training professionals that confirms and awards credentials based upon a rigorous examination and thorough verification of the skills and knowledge a professional has attained through education and experience. The CCPDT is unlike certificate programs, which can be offered by any individual or organization and award certificates upon graduation.

CET Logo.png

Certified Dog Walker (DWA Graduate)

The dog*biz Dog Walking Academy is the standard-bearer for high-quality, cutting-edge professional education and training for serious-minded dog walkers. The program teaches canine learning theory, science-based positive training, dog body language, group composition and walk management, fight prevention and protocols, canine first aid certification, emergency prevention and protocols, and ethical business practices, seeking to elevate the game of professional dog walkers.


Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

The Online First Aid course, First Aid for Dogs is essential training for anyone working with pets and all pet owners. Their courses empower you with the skills and confidence to provide immediate help to your pet in a medical emergency – in those first vital minutes before you can get to a Vet. Prompt and appropriate First Aid reduces the pain and suffering experienced by your pet and could save their life.


Continuing Education

I am committed to continuing my education and staying up to date with the latest evidence-based scientific methods as well as to using fear and force free training methods.

My  Tools

Treat Pouch

No Sniffventure Walk or Enrichment Visit can even start without easy access to rewards. I wear my treat pouch around my waist so that I can quickly and easily reward your dog for offering a nice behavior!

I am always prepared to reward your dog for doing something good.


Biothane Leashes

On every Sniffventure walk I use a biothane leash. Biothane is a cruelty free alternative to leather and it is waterproof! It's very easy to clean and can withstand almost everything your dog can throw at it.

Depending on the safety of the walking area, I will use a 6ft - 15ft leash to give your dog the freedom to explore their environment!

Body Harness

A properly fit, Y-shaped Harness is what I use to take your dog out on a Sniffventure Walk. I will use your own harness if it is one of the brands I recommend or I will use my own Blue9 Balance Harness instead. A harness that fits properly and doesn't cross the dog's shoulders is the only type of harness I will use.

Martingale Collar

For the safety of all dogs I take out on Sniffventure Walks, in addition to their regular collar with their ID tags on it, I will use a martingale collar. It is an anti-slip collar that prevents the dog from escaping. I carabiner clip it to their harness so if for any reason the harness fails, they are still attached by the collar. It is used for safety only, not for training purposes.


Every Enrichment Visit or Sniffventure Walk I will always have my backpack full of the essentials! 

Enrichment Games & Equipment

First Aid Kit

Tick Remover

Water bottle

Collapsible water bowl

Animal Deterrent Spray (for the use on other dogs or animals in the case of an emergency)

The  Inspiration

2020-04-30 05.46.41 1.jpg


Cooper is a 7 year old cattle dog mix who helped me learn a great deal about enrichment. Although he may be a "lazy" dog, that doesn't mean he doesn't need any physical or mental stimulation. Cooper thrives when given enrichment activities that involve sniffing and scavenging for food. He lights up and his whole demeanor changes while participating in those activities. I love being able to give him fun and fulfilling experiences, even though he may be a "lazy" dog.


Olive is my 3 year old border collie who pushes me to be creative with coming up with new activities for physical and mental stimulation. Being a herding dog, Olive was bred to work along side me and use both her mind and body for her work. She loves activities where she has to think and use her body to complete a goal. She has definitely pushed me to be creative with enrichment activities for her and other high-energy dogs.

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