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What is Enrichment?

Dogs will do dog things!

All dogs, regardless of age, breed, and size have the need to engage in natural behaviors. For example, sniffing, digging, chewing, shredding, and chasing to name a few of these behaviors.

Dogs living in our modern, human world don't always have the opportunities to participate in these activities. So when they get bored and aren't provided any outlets, they come up with their own fun! This could mean chewing on your sneakers or digging holes in your backyard!

Enrichment provides dogs with safe and healthy ways to engage in these natural behaviors. Dogs who live enriched lives experience less stress, don't often get bored, and are less likely to develop unwanted behaviors or be destructive.

Benefits of Enrichment

Less Unwanted Behaviors - Giving your dogs appropriate outlets for their needs will help you see a decrease in some unwanted behaviors like digging through the trash or chewing your shoes. Your dog will also be re


Enrichment helps alleviate boredom in dogs so they are less likely to find their own fun, like chewing shoes or digging holes in your yard.


Lots of enrichment activities, like sniffing are very calming to dogs. This helps them decompress and relax!


You may be able to see a decrease in some undesired behaviors by giving your dog appropriate outlets to participate in instead.

Have you ever heard that,
"A tired dog, is a good dog"?

Well I say,
"A tired, enriched dog,
is a good and happy dog!"

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