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Enrichment  Coaching

Enrichment Coaching is a great option for those who want to learn how to provide their dog more enrichment and give their dog the best life possible!

Each Enrichment Plan is designed with you and your dog's needs, interests, and abilities in mind. It takes into account your schedule and routine and the amount of time you have to devote to providing enrichment to your dog.

You don't need any fancy props or hours a day to provide an enriching life.

Let me show you how easy it can be!

If your dog has behavior problems you'd like to solve or want to teach your dog new behaviors, you would need Private Training or enroll in a Group Class. Check out my Training page to learn more.



1 - 1.5hr

In Home or Online

Each Enrichment Coaching program starts with a Consultation to help me learn everything I need to know in order to create the best plan for your and your dog. 

Coaching  Session



In Home or Online

This first Coaching Session is here to help you implement your new plan. I will help guide you through every activity explaining the purpose and how to implement it into your daily routine.



Starter Package



1 Coaching Session

1 Week Enrichment Plan

Advanced Package*



2 Coaching Sessions

2 Week Enrichment Plan

3, 30 minute Enrichment Visits

Enrichment Pro Package*



2 Coaching Sessions

1 Month Enrichment Plan

5, 30 minute Enrichment Visits

* These Packages are offered to clients living in Cumberland, RI, Lincoln, RI, and closely surrounding areas due to including Enrichment Visits.

If you live outside of these areas and want a 2 Week or 1 Month Enrichment Plan without the Enrichment Visits, contact me to go over your options!

Continued  Support


Additional Coaching Sessions

$45 for 30 minutes

Have any additional questions or needing some adjusting to your enrichment plan?

Schedule another Coaching Session to get all the help you need!

Enrichment Visits

Want to give your dog extra enrichment throughout the day?

I offer Enrichment Visits to clients living in Cumberland, RI, Lincoln, RI and closely surrounding areas.

Private Facebook Group

With any Package, get access to our exclusive Private Facebook Group to discuss your progress and make some great connections!

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