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Enrichment  Visits

Enrichment Visits are designed based on your individual dog's needs, interests, and abilities. While you're busy at work or out running errands, your dog will be participating in fun activities that work their mind and body!

Check out the options below and let's get started!

Choose  Your  Dog's  Adventure

You have the option of choosing how your dog spends their time with me. Check out each option to learn more!

Not sure what to pick? I can choose which type of Visit would be best for your dog when I arrive to your home!


Enrichment  Visit

An Enrichment Visit is tailored to your dog's individual needs, interests, and abilities. They will participate in activities that work their minds to promote problem solving skills, creativity, choice, and relaxation. These visits will give your dog appropriate opportunities to engage in natural behaviors as well.

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Sniffventure  Walk

A Sniffventure Walk is a walk in your own neighborhood that is led by your dog. If safe, your dog will be walked on a 10ft leash to give your dog more freedom! We encourage sniffing and exploring their environment which tires out both their minds and bodies.


15 minutes = $15

30 minutes = $30

50 minutes = $45

Ready  to  get  started?

Fill out this form to schedule a free Meet & Greet to get started on your dog's enrichment adventure!

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