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Group Classes

set your dog up for success!

All of our class options are $175 and include 4, 45 minute lessons.

Packages are available at a discounted rate.

Our Puppy Manners class sets you and your puppy up for success before unwanted behaviors develop. This class covers an array of important topics that will help you navigate life with your new best friend!

Lessons Include:

Calm Puppy

Focused Puppy

Confident Puppy

Cooperative Puppy

puppy manners

Puppy Training in Lincoln, Rhode Island
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Does your dog seem to have endless energy and have a hard time settling down? Our Capturing Calmness Class is designed to give you the skills to help your dog go from crazy to calm!

Lessons Include:


Polite Greetings

Effective Exercise

Calming Activities

capturing calmness

Does your dog listen to you inside your home but once you step outside it's like they've gone deaf? Our Distracted Dog Class will give you the skills to work through distractions and keep your dog's focus on you. People? Dogs? No problem!

Lessons Include:

Basic Leash Skills

Focus around Distractions

Distractions include other dogs, people, smells, & more!

distracted dog

2020-10-06-091548834 (1).jpg

How to enroll:

1. Choose your class

2. Fill out our Contact Form

3. Attend Orientation

Happy Training!

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