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Sniffventure Day Camp

half day program

what is a half day at our day camp?

A Half Day at our Sniffventure Day Camp includes up to 3 hours of play, fun, and learning!

We provide your dogs with fun activities that engage both their bodies and minds. Dogs work on puzzles, games, and activities that build confidence, improve body awareness, teach problem solving and reinforce polite manners.

Dogs are encouraged to sniff, run, jump, socialize, work, and play in safe, fun, appropriate ways.

We practice calming exercises, teach dogs how to settle and lower arousal levels. We always reinforce polite manners including sitting, taking turns, waiting at gates, and more.

We love exposing the dogs in our care to as many new experiences, smells, tastes, sights, and textures as we can as these opportunities together provide a full spectrum of experiences that will build confidence, enhance their days, expand their minds and strengthen their bodies.


Up to 3 hours

Drop off = 8:00am - 9:00am

Pick up = 11:00am - 12:00pm


Drop off = 12:00pm

Pick up = 3:00pm

Reserve your days the week before to secure your dog's spot in our schedule. Or you can make a recurring schedule so your dog always has a secured spot!


$30 +tax


Monthly Packages

4 Day Package = $112 +tax

8 Day Package = $224 +tax

12 Day Package = $336 +tax

Package Benefits:

- 1 Free Nail Trim
1 Free Enrichment Club class a month

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