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Nail Trim Program

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starter package

Start your scratchboard journey here!

This package is required.

Schedule your Starter Session with Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Casey to learn how to use the scratchboard and how to teach your dog to use it!

The Starter Package Investment

$50 +tax


1, 30 minute Starter Session

2 Scratchboard Rental Visits

package of 10 rental times


Get 10 Scratchboard Rental times to use within 6 months.

After finishing your Starter Package, you can buy packages of Scratchboard Rental times to keep up with your dog's nail maintenance!

10 Rental Time Package Investment

$50 +tax


10 Scratchboard Rental Visits

scratchboards = nail maintenance made easy

Do you have a hard time trimming your dog's nails? Is your dog nervous or fearful of the clippers? Do you not feel comfortable trimming your dog's nails yourself? Whatever the reason for your troubles, we have a solution! Scratchboards are a great way to keep your dog's nails at a healthy length with no stress involved!

Casey's dog Olive (in the video) is terrified of getting her nails trimmed in traditional ways. After introducing the scratchboard, Casey is able to keep Olive's nails short and healthy with no stress.

Scratchboards offer a way to re-frame the nail trimming process to something fun and easy rather than scary and stressful.

Read below to find out how to get started in our unique Scratchboard Program!

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