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Training Packages

set your dog up for success!

Our Packages are designed to give you and your dog a well rounded learning journey at a discounted price!


Packages can include our Group Classes, Playgroups, Sniff-it Room Sessions, and Private Lessons!

Looking for Playgroup Packages? Click here!

$250 ($290 value)

This Package Includes:

- Puppy Manners Group Class

- 2 Puppy Playgroups

- 2 Sniff-it Room Sessions

- 1 Private Lesson

the perfect puppy

the angsty adolescent

$440 ($480 value)


This Package Includes:

- Capturing Calmness Group Class

- Distracted Dog Group Class

- 2 Sniff-it Room Sessions

- 2 Private Lessons

the a+ adult

how to get started

1. Choose your Package

2. Fill out our Contact Form

3. Complete Registration via email

Happy Training!

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