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Private Lesson Programs

are you struggling with your dog's behavior?

Do you struggle with nail trims or vet appointments, have you gotten fired from your groomer? Maybe you're struggling with counter surfing or too much energy and are feeling exhausted trying to keep up?

We are here to help set you and your pup up for success!

Private Lesson Programs are offered in our Enrichment Center located in Lincoln, RI with our Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Casey.

We offer a select few programs designed to help you and your dog reach your goals with the help and support of our trainers.

Check out our programs below to find out how to get some relief from the problems you are facing with your pup.

We Can Help With:

Cooperative Care

Vet Procedures & Restraints

Body Handling

Bathing & Blow Drying

Nail Trimming

Muzzle Training

Shyness with Harnesses & Collars

& more


Meeting needs

Balanced Exercise Plans

Self Regulation & Relaxation

Destructive Behaviors

Counter Surfing

Po Greetings

& more

How it Works:

Goal Setting


All clients start here.

You will watch a short Orientation Video before scheduling your "Set up for Success!" Session where you will talk to your trainer about your goals and get immediate tips to get you started on your journey!



After you are set up for success, you will begin your private lessons with your trainer.

Each program is set up to give you the most support and guidance while not being overwhelming to you.



After your private lessons, you will receive virtual support to keep you on track to meet your goals.

Weekly support includes personalized daily training activities, weekly check-ins, and more!

Ready for Relief?

check out our programs below

Cautious  to  Cooperative

do you dread vet visits or grooming appointments?

You are not alone!

We designed this program to help those who are struggling with their dog's physical care. We have been there too!

This program is designed to help your dog feel more comfortable with body handling, vet and grooming procedures, and more!

With the guidance of our Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Fear Free Groomer, you will get ongoing support, accountability, and the confidence you need to walk into those appointments with ease!


this program includes:

  • Orientation Video (20 minutes)

    • Watch this first & on your own time!​

  • Set up for Success Session (1 hour)

    • Go over your goals, learn to read your dog's body language, management, and immediate advice.

  • 4 Private Lessons (30 minutes each)

    • These personalized lessons are scheduled once per week​ at our facility with you and your dog.

  • Daily Training Challenges (20 days)

    • Get access to a shared spreadsheet and get personalized training challenges three days a week from your trainer to keep you on track to meet your goals.

  • 4 Weekly Virtual Check-ins (15 minutes each)

    • This is a time where you can ask questions, request feedback, and troubleshoot with your trainer between your Private Lessons.​

Cooperative Care
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