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The Sniff-it Room

solo sniff-it room sessions

During your session, the time is yours! You can use the space to play, train, exercise, explore, and more. Be creative and have fun with your dog!

Solo Sessions are perfect for those who know what their dogs enjoy and have a plan for their time! You are welcome to use our puzzle toys, obstacles, and shred-able items for your dog's pleasure!

The Sniff-it Room is suitable for all dogs: puppies, senior dogs, nervous dogs, dogs recovering from surgery, dogs who do not tolerate extreme temperatures, and reactive dogs.

The Sniff-it Room is located in our Enrichment Center at For the Love of Dogs in Lincoln, Rhode Island.


it is worth it!

"My dog Oscar loved the sniff-it room. I was unsure if it was worth it at first, but my dog got tuckered out after 15 minutes. It is worth it!!! We enjoyed hiding and finding treats in different cups and boxes. I will definitely be back. It is something different and fun for the dogs!"​

- Nicole & Oscar

Dog enrichment room in Lincoln, Rhode Island

Single solo session

$20 +tax for 1, 30 minute Session

Package of 5 solo sessions

$85 +tax for 5, 30 minute Sessions

package of 10 solo sessions

$150 +tax for 10, 30 minute Sessions

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