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The Enrichment Club

join the club and have some fun!

Do you want to have fun with your pup in a non-competitive and welcoming environment? Come teach your pup new tricks, participate in fun nosework, dog parkour, and more!

Each class is 30 minutes of fun! Classes take place Fridays at 6:00pm


$15 each class.

Check below for how to get discounted and FREE classes!

Pre-registration and proof of vet records are required to attend.


Clicks n' Tricks!

Learn fun, new tricks each class!

This is a great way to work your way up to getting the AKC Trick Dog Title!



Get your pup's nose working in this non-competitive nosework class!

Sniffing is great mental exercise for dogs and can help tire them out.


Game Night!

Participate in fun games and try out new enrichment toys and products. Work with your dog to succeed in fun games and activities!



Get your pup's body moving with some obstacles in our dog parkour class! Build your pup's confidence while having some fun!

Packages & Free Classes

$50 for 4 classes

This Monthly Package gives you $10 off of 4 classes!

You must use these classes within 2 months.

Pre-registration and proof of vet records are required to purchase a package.

Free enrichment club class

You get 1 Free Class with the purchase of any group class! After you graduate, let us know which class you'd like to attend and we will get you signed up!

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