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The Sniff-it Room

Rhode Island's first and only dog enrichment room

The Sniff-it Room is a safe and comfortable space for your dog to have a fully immersive experience. The Sniff-it Room offers a few ways for you to meet your dog's needs in safe and easy ways!


Solo Sniff-it Room Sessions

The Enrichment Club!



The Sniff-it Room is located in our Enrichment Center at For the Love of Dogs in Lincoln, Rhode Island.


solo sniff-it room session

Rent a section of our facility and get access to fun equipment, props, and toys to use during your time. Take a look through our Sniff-it Room Guide to find new activities and games to try with your dog.

During your session, the time is yours! You can use the space to play, train, exercise, explore, and more. Be creative and have fun with your dog!


$20 for 30 minutes

guided sniff-it room session

Guided Sessions are great for dog owners who need one on one time with a Certified Enrichment Technician to help find beneficial activities their dog will love.


Our Certified Enrichment Technician will guide you through your session giving helpful tips and suggestions to help you get the most out of your time.


$45 for 30 minutes

Dog enrichment room in Lincoln, Rhode Island

The Enrichment club!

Join us in our weekly rotating classes for a night of fun!


30 minutes

$15 +tax

Fridays at 6:00pm

Pre-registration is required.

Dog exercise in Lincoln, Rhode Island
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